Oct 27, 2012; Lawrence, KS, USA; Texas Longhorns wide receiver Marquise Goodwin (84) after the game against the Kansas Jayhawks at Memorial Stadium. Texas won the game 21-17. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-US PRESSWIRE

Horns Up! Why Can't The Texas Longhorns Use Their Playmakers?

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People who follow football and for those who have ever played football, there is an old saying that coaches say.  “Don’t play outside of yourself, do what you do best and don’t be something you’re not.” That’s a powerful saying that can be applied universally to all men and women. Be yourself and do what you do best.

I don’t Coach Harsin understands what this team does best. Last week against Kansas, Bryan Harsin just kept running the ball up the middle. All of those carries were to Joe Bergeron and Jonathan Gray. Now Jonathan Gray had a great game rushing for 111 yards on 18 carries. But with all the weapons this offense has, Bryan Harsin found a way to not involve the best skill players in the gameplan last Saturday. How can you ignore Daje Johnson, Marquis Goodwin and DJ Monroe in a gameplan where the level of athletes on one side were so much better than the other is shocking.

Here are the stats of offensive touches during the Kansas game:

DJ Monroe, Marquis Goodwin, and Daje Johnson: 5 touches, 69 yards, 1 touchdown. 13.8 yards/touch

Rest of the team: 43 touches, 273 yards,  1 touchdown. 6.34 yards/touch

I can understand not wanting to overuse your speed guys in a gameplan because then the other teams start to take those playmakers out of the game and you might need them later on to win the game. That’s not what happened. Coach Harsin refused to get the ball into these playmakers’ hands. This is because Bryan Harsin wants to fit a square peg into a round hole. That’s how I would characterize his stubborn use of a power running offense with this set of players. When you are stopped on 4th and Goal from the 2 yard line against the 92nd ranked rush defense in the country, that means you are not a power running football team. But don’t tell Bryan Harsin that because he will lie to your face.

Coaches like to tell you how smart they are or how hard it is to be a coach, but if you have a really fast player, you find a way to get him the football. Anyone playing NCAA Football 13 can understand that, so why can’t the offensive coaches understand that?

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