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Turn Up The Heat! Flanagan's Thoughts From The Week

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Texas Longhorns Thoughts

– Having a few days to look at the tape of the Texas tech game, I can honestly say that I see improvements in this Texas Longhorns team. They aren’t going to a BCS bowl, but it looks more likely that they will go to the Cotton Bowl if Oklahoma gets selected for an at-large bid.

– Even if the Longhorns get past up by the Cotton bowl, it’s looking like they’ll play USC in the Alamo bowl. What a bowl season we will have it Austin, Texas. Either playing Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl or USC in the Alamo bowl. That is going to be very exciting for Longhorns fans to attend.

College Football thoughts

- What a weekend to watch college football. Notre Dame played a 3 overtime thriller, TCU made a great call on going for a two-point conversion in the second overtime to beat West Virginia. We would be saying it was a bad call if they didn’t make it.

– Oregon might not play good defense but that offense is something special. But I feel we’ve already seen Oregon’s great offense against an SEC defense.

– Let’s talk about that SEC defense for a minute. 435 yards of total offense for LSU against Alabama’s defense? How can Alabama claim that they are a dominant defense when they gave up the most yards LSU has had all season? I think Alabama’s defense is vulnerable to a great offense like Oregon or Kansas State.

– Kansas State is very good but I can see Texas pulling off the upset against Kansas State. Bill Snyder can be a great coach but in 1998 Kansas State was in line to go to the first BCS championship game. All they had to do was beat Texas A&M, a team that was not favored to win that game. Texas A&M ended up beating Kansas State for their first and only Big 12 championship. Now Kansas State might be preparing for that but if they are still ranked number 2 in the BCS on December 1, they could be thinking ahead to a potential national championship game and it would be more of a celebration in Manhattan, Kansas. That could spell trouble for the Wildcats because Texas can beat them.

National Football League thoughts

– The Cowboys still have issues closing out games. Now the Cowboys didn’t help themselves by not coming up with crucial stops and not creating turnovers. But don’t let the final score fool you, the Cowboys were never in that game after the first half.

– The Texans did not play their best game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, but they got the win and are now are 7-1. Sometimes that’s all you need.

– The Bears just dominated the Titans on Sunday. You can sense the urgency from the Chicago Bears right now. They have a great defense that is aging. They have a quarterback who can be sketchy at times but they don’t need him to win games. They have a great wide receiver Brandon Marshall and a great running back in Matt Forte. They have a team that can win a Super Bowl, and now they are 7-1 on the season.

General thoughts

- I hope everyone had a great election day and was able to exercise their right to vote. Whether Barack Obama wins or Mitt Romney wins, we need to come together as a nation and fix the problems that are at hand. Both parties are responsible for fixing our deficit and our debt in getting our country moving in the right direction. Let’s hope they can do it together.

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