Writers' Roundtable: What Darrell Royal Meant To Texas

Darrell K Royal

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After the passing of Coach Darrell K Royal, many sports writers across the nation talked about what DKR did as a coach. But he was more than a coach, he is and will always be the face of Texas football. I asked Kyle Kensing, lead editor of Saturdayblitz.com about DKR and what he meant to Texas.

Kyle Kensing:

A lot of people in and around a sport are called game changers, but Darrell Royal was truly the definition. The impact he left on the game surpasses the high bar he set for any Texas coach to come — and that bar is *really* high. I doubt anyone will ever truly step out of his shadow, much in the same way Bear Bryant will always loom over Tuscaloosa.

Royal’s creation of the Wishbone was so inventive that it literally changed the game. The sport evolved as a direct result of Royal, something a very scant few in history can claim.

Chris Flanagan:

I agree that he made Texas what it is today. He made sure Texas wore Burnt Orange at home and all white on the road. He made sure that Longhorn logo was on the helmets and they haven’t changed since.

I also agree he set the bar very high. In the state of Texas, football rules everything. Texans like other sports no doubt but when it’s football, it’s everything. As big of a brand Texas is, there are MANY in the state that hate Texas. So as you see with SMU, Texas A&M; get recruiting violations for paying players just to get them away from Texas. That’s why you see Texas A&M to the SEC and SMU and Houston to the Big East. They want to be number one in Texas. But no matter how down this Longhorns program is, it will always be a top choice for in state recruits thanks to Coach Royal.

Hook’em Headlines would like to thank Kyle Kensing for participating in this Writers Roundtable. Check out his twitter @kkensing.

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