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The Morning After: Does Texas A&M Become Top Dog In-State?

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Longhorn fans everywhere watched as Alabama jumped offside and thought “Did Texas A&M really do this?” For years, Aggie fans have always believed they could compete at the highest level, but can they unseat Texas as the top choice for In-State recruits?

Why they will?

The SEC is one of the top conferences in the country. Now there is a Texas school in the SEC. That is a huge deal for some of these recruits. They can now compete for SEC titles and be close to home. Also, Texas is in a time of flux. The Longhorns aren’t as dominate as they once were and with transition inevitable, who knows if Texas will be any good.

Why they won’t

As much as Texas is “down” (and for fans of Texas, they consider 8-2 a down year), Texas is still the biggest brand in the state. Texas will always draw the top talent because these kids grow up Longhorn fans. They want to put on the Burnt Orange jersey and represent Texas.


I asked 7 writers from outside the SEC and Big 12 to gauge their opinion on this question:

With the victory over Alabama, does Texas A&M unseat Texas as the top choice for Texas recruits?

They all answered No.

Now, some say that recruiting for the SEC does give them an advantage but it does not unseat Texas from a national perspective.

I have to agree with that. If Texas A&M is going to be the number one place for Texas recruits, it’s going to have to win championships. Beating number one Alabama doesn’t mean they overtake Texas in recruiting. I do see them getting a bump in recruiting for the 2013 class but, in the long run, are they going out recruit Texas I don’t think so.

So Longhorn fans shouldn’t be too concerned, but they should be paying attention to A&M because they are going to be a battle for recruits.

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