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What Happened Last Night? Bev Kearney Did.

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In terms of the craziest Friday nights I have ever had, last night wouldn’t be in the Top 10. With that being said, this won’t be a Friday night I will forget.

It all started around 8pm for me. I get an email from a source telling me don’t believe everything you are hearing. Usually on a Friday night, I shut it down. I like having down time with my fiance and son. So I get on Twitter and see everything is going crazy. Then seeing on multiple websites that they are hearing multiple rumors but no one will go on the record. This felt like the Major Applewhite situation all over again.

I ask my source what is going on? They tell me “All I know is that the (Bev Kearney) lawsuit has everyone on edge.” I ask if the information that would leak would be bad. “It could be.” said the source. The source didn’t go into details and only said if something breaks, you will know.

I couldn’t get any confirmation and no one else could as well. I think Geoff Ketchum said it right on Twitter:

Does Bev Kearney’s attorney have something that can be devastating to Texas athletics? Maybe. I will agree with Geoff Ketchum here and say if there were any truth to the rumors, the reporters covering Texas would of have the truth and would have reported it. So to recap, it is my belief that Bev Kearney’s attorney is looking to get a big settlement in return for their silence and UT is calling their bluff.

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