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Conference Realignment: Where We Go From Here?

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One year ago today, the Big 12 added it’s first 2 members to the conference since it’s inception in 1996. It also lost two more original members bringing the total orginal members left in the Big 12 is now 8. So where does the Big 12 and college football go from here?

Focus on the members in the conference. 

Are you mad that the  Texas A&M Aggies are doing well? Who cares. Texas won the first, the most and the last game of the rivalry. They left the Big 12 and the rivalry for what they perceived is better. Texas still has Oklahoma and other Texas schools to focus on. The Big 12 is a very strong conference and if Texas wins, it won’t matter how “weak” the conference is because Texas’s prestige will put them in the title game.

Focus on being a “team player”

Texas got what it wanted, a 24/7 network dedicated solely to Texas athletics. While that is great for Texas fans, other college football fans hate this network. While I am not suggesting Texas get rid of the network, they need to be active in ensuring the conference’s stability. They need to be a team player. Sacrifice for the greater good. This will help the brand and help gain more support in the conference for the things Texas wants to do.


There may be some truth in saying that conference realignment isn’t dead. But where Texas and the Big 12 go from here is work to make the current membership happy at all costs. The longer all 10 schools work together as one, the stronger the conference will be and the more attractive the conference becomes.

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