College Football Playoff unveils new National Championship trophy

College football is entering a new era, playoffs. No more BCS equation picking two teams, there will now be a four-team playoff to determine a national champion.

To mark this new era in college football, they would need a new trophy and unveiled it on Monday at a meeting in Dallas.

“The College Football Playoff marks the beginning of a new era and we are thrilled to present this iconic new national championship trophy,” said College Football Playoff Executive Director Bill Hancock. “This fall, thousands of athletes will lace up, with the goal of winning it all. We look forward to seeing our champion hoist this one-of-a-kind piece of art which will represent the highest level of team achievement in college football.”

“Rarely do you have the opportunity to create an identity and shape it into an iconic object that will be embedded with so much pride and meaning,” said Pentagram Partner Michael Gericke. “We are honored to be a part of symbolizing the new era for the College Football Playoff and have it literally come to life with this magnificent trophy.”

The trophy itself, as seen in the pictures below, is a sleek trophy similar to that Vince Lombardi trophy and a departure from the famous “Crystal Football” of the BCS award. It is still sponsored by Dr. Pepper, like the BCS trophy was.

The trophy is handmade from 24-karat gold, bronze and stainless steel, and comes in at 26.5 inches tall and 35 pounds. The trophy sits on a base, which is formed from bronze and has a black finish. The trophy itself detaches from the base so that it can be lifted over the head of the winners.

The top of the trophy is an actual size football, which looks like the college football logo.

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