Texas Football: 5 2019 Longhorns bold predictions

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Texas Football
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – JANUARY 01: Sam Ehlinger #11 of the Texas Football Longhorns celebrates after defeating the Georgia Bulldogs 28-21 during the Allstate Sugar Bowl at Mercedes-Benz Superdome on January 01, 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /

The long 2019 off-season for Texas football comes with the opportunity to change some things that went wrong last year and reach a new level next season.

The time has arrived for the Texas football program to prepare for an off-season that is going to test how far the coaches and players have actually come. In 2018, Texas football proved that it is making progress under the current regime, despite some disappointing losses during the non-conference slate and in Big 12 play. However, the end result from the 2018 campaign and the momentum heading into the off-season can allow Texas football to turn the page from those bad losses.

A common theme across all sports for the Texas Longhorns (or at least the most followed teams) is the ability to rack up a number of disappointing losses amid a promising regular season with a talented roster. Texas football, and the men’s basketball program, both had the fair share of disappointing defeats the fan base hopes to stave off in the coming years.

But, with a new year comes new possibilities for the Texas football program. Texas football finished out its successful 2018 season with a 10-4 (7-3 Big 12) record after its Allstate Sugar Bowl upset of the Georgia Bulldogs on Jan. 1. The Horns also found themselves in the Big 12 Championship Game for the first time in nearly a decade after its second place finish in the conference standings.

All of the off-season storylines looming for Texas football makes it seem like the end of the 2018 season was more than two weeks ago. The college football landscape in general is going to see some rather sizable alterations during the off-season thanks to how prominent the transfer market and NFL Draft are now.

Here’s a look at the five definitive bold predictions for the Texas football program in the year of 2019.