Texas Football: 3 ways Sam Ehlinger is better than Joe Burrow

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3. Sam Ehlinger is still generally the more accurate passer

A lapsing Georgia Southern defensive line didn’t do much to hold the LSU passing game at bay. Most often, Burrow had a lot of time to drop back in the pocket and comfortably go through his reads. A quicker Louisiana Tech defensive line didn’t give Ehlinger as much time in the pocket for the win for Texas football in Week 1.

Yet, both quarterbacks were generally kept clean in Week 1. Both Ehlinger and Burrow completed well over 70 percent of their passing attempts in Week 1. But completion percentage was a number that favored Ehlinger last season. Last year, Ehlinger managed a completion percentage around 65 percent while Burrow’s was shy of 58 percent.

The development that Ehlinger had as a sophomore under head Texas football coach Tom Herman and offensive coordinator Tim Beck was truly spectacular. He consistently hit more throws at each level, even on deep balls, than he did as a true freshman.

Even with the five passing touchdowns and completion percentage above 85 percent against the Eagles last week, Burrow still finished shy of the top passer ratings from Pro Football Focus. Ehlinger should show next week that he can get the ball to his receivers in more favorable spots early on than Burrow if the Longhorns pass rush gets going.