Texas Football: 3 injuries to watch for Longhorns ahead of spring camp

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Texas Football

Texas Football (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Players either currently dealing with an injury or ailment or recovering from a previous one could impact the Texas football program in spring ball.

There’s a couple of players that will be either missing a partial amount of time or the entirety of spring camp from the Texas football program this year.

In all likelihood, there will be five players in total that will be missing out on spring camp for Texas. Head coach Tom Herman has to be hoping that number doesn’t increase to six or seven before spring ball begins next month. Last year, Texas caught a bad wave of injuries ahead of both spring and fall camp.

Most of the injuries for Texas weren’t consequential enough to cause any of their players to miss an extended period of time, especially any game action. Outside of the former four-star recruit and wide receiver Al’Vonte Woodard, fall camp injuries didn’t impact Texas much over the long haul.

However, the lost reps are one of the biggest detriments to a player missing spring or fall practice, especially the younger guys in the program. Any early enrollee, redshirt freshman, or sophomore that misses practice time thanks to any ailment means that valuable reps go down the drain.

Other various Texas players that are dealing with injuries but likely won’t get much playing time this fall includes sophomore linebacker Marcus Tillman and redshirt freshman defensive end Peter Mpagi. Watch out for Mpagi to make a bigger impact for Texas if he is able to get some more reps come the arrival of fall camp. But for now, he’s dealing with a heart problem and won’t be able to work his way up the depth chart too far in spring ball.

Here’s a look into the three costliest injuries for the Texas Longhorns football program that could hold players out of spring camp.

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