Texas Football: 3 most underrated quarterbacks in program history

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Given a lengthy history of star quarterbacks, who are the most underrated throughout the 118 years of the Texas football program?

In the history of the Texas football program, there aren’t many quarterbacks that found national prominence with the team and flew under-the-radar at the same time. But there’s always going to be those quarterbacks that slip through the cracks in a discussion like this.

Texas is one of the true blue bloods in the college football landscape, so they’ve had a multitude of quarterbacks that deserve a lot of respect and recognition for their production and efforts on the Forty Acres.

There are some honorable mentions that would fall on this list, namely the likes of former five-star recruit and career backup Chance Mock (17 passing touchdowns/2 interceptions) and the often-concussed former three-star recruit David Ash. Yet, they just missed out on the list partly due to lack of proven productivity and just overall success while they were getting reps behind center with Texas.

However, the two biggest factors that went into this list were overall success and productivity combined with national recognition (things like All-American and All-Big 12 honors). The amount of fan and media recognition and respect that these players on the list get nowadays also determines their placement in the ranking, or slotting on here in the first place.

A former Texas star quarterback like James Street, Vince Young, and/or Colt McCoy won’t get on this list since they all receive a ton of recognition and all got various national honors. VY and McCoy were both All-Americans and Heisman finalists on at least one occasion each way.

Here’s a deeper look into the three most underrated quarterbacks in the recorded history of the Texas Longhorns football program.

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