Kevin Durant becomes part owner in Philadelphia Union

Texas-Ex superstar forward, currently of the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant is now a part owner of the MLS franchise Philadelphia Union.

Former Texas basketball star forward Kevin Durant is making plenty of headway in the national headlines of late. Between his current injury situation with the Brooklyn Nets, the NBA season planning to resume late next month, and the mass of other issues around the globe right now, there’s no shortage of what KD is jumping into. Most notably, he recently called out a former teammate of his back in the day with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Former NBA Champion and KD teammate Kendrick Perkins recently gave his thoughts on what Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving is doing in his opposition of the NBA season resuming. But Kyrie’s superstar teammate and former Longhorn great KD jumped to his defense. KD called Perkins a “sell out” after the comments directed at Kyrie, disagreeing with his opposition to the resumption of the NBA season.

More positive news came from KD, though, when he was announced to have partnered with the deodorant company Degree for a $1 million donation going to local community social activism efforts.

And the headlines KD is making with his moves off the court only continued, in a vastly different way this time, when he bought a stake in the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer. He reportedly ( bought into a five percent stake with the soccer club, with an additional five percent option to buy into in the future.

Apparently KD had an “instant connection” with the Union. And it’s clearly a business opportunity the clicked quite quickly for KD. His business partner Rich Kleiman will be pushing along the way with their company Thirty Five Ventures to expand the marketing impact of the Union franchise.

The Union posted a record of 16-7-11 during the 2019 MLS season, good for fifth place in the league. If the MLS season does resume this year, then the KD will get a first look at the Union’s potential climb up the Eastern Conference standings to continue the momentum built last season.

Moreover, KD has yet to play in a single game this season with the Nets. He suffered an achilles tear during last year’s playoff run with the Golden State Warriors and he is expected to make his Nets debut at the start of next season.