Kevin Durant: How his 6 least favorites NBA teammates were ranked

Former Texas basketball star Kevin Durant had his fair share of teammates he clashed with since his NBA career began more than a decade ago.

Although it didn’t come from him directly, there was a list that recently came out ranking out the six least favorite teammates that the former Texas basketball superstar forward Kevin Durant had during his NBA career to date. This list came from Clutchpoints on June 21, and it listed out the players (some still that KD has beef with) since he began his career (originally with the Seattle SuperSonics) back during the 2007-08 season.

KD is currently set to play for the Brooklyn Nets, as he signed a four-year max contract deal out of free agency last offseason. But an achilles tear in last year’s playoff run with the Golden State Warriors has sidelined him through his inaugural season in Brooklyn.

In his career to date, KD spent nine seasons with the SuperSonics/Oklahoma City Thunder, three seasons with the Warriors, and is still technically in his first with the Nets. He’s a 10-time NBA All-Star selection, four-time scoring champion, two-time NBA Champion, one-time MVP, two-time Finals MVP, and nine-time All-NBA Team selection.

With the way he left some teams in the past, it’s no wonder that he made some enemies along the way. While KD is still a revered superstar around basketball fans, he is not the most likable figure throughout his career. That is especially true with the way he left the Thunder to join the Warriors.

And that’s how the list starts off for Clutchpoints, with a former teammates of his with the Thunder. Former Thunder center Kendrick Perkins was at the top of the list among his least favorite teammates. With the way that KD called out Perk recently, claiming he was a “sell out” in an Instagram comment, that shouldn’t surprise many.

The next former teammate of KD’s is also from his days with the Thunder. Current Houston Rockets star point guard Russell Westbrook rang in second on the list. The two former Thunder superstars did clash back in the day, thanks to high usage and differing styles of play.

Moreover, the next two up on the list, in order, are Draymond Green and Stephen Curry, from his days with the Warriors. Curry is an interesting choice since the two didn’t seem to have an overwhelming clash of personality with the Warriors during the dynasty years.

To round out the list were two more former teammates of KD’s from the Thunder days. In order, the two former teammates are big man Steven Adams and scoring big man Enes Kanter. Adams still plays for the Thunder and Kanter is now with the Boston Celtics.

This is an interesting list with some key names one could argue against, but the top doesn’t have much to bargain with. Perk and Russ are two of the known teammates that clashed the most with KD during his days playing with the Thunder.

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A few other noteworthy teammates that KD did have some clashing with in his career to date includes point guard Reggie Jackson and combo guard Shaun Livingston.

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