Texas Football: 3 Longhorn transfers who found most success elsewhere

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Shane Buechele, Texas Football

Shane Buechele, Texas Football (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

In the last decade, there were a few transfers out of the Texas football program that really worked out well at the next landing spot.

The NCAA Transfer Portal is a story of twists and turns for the Texas football program, a lot of times for the worse. But the transfer portal is also a necessary evil for a lot of college football and basketball programs around the country. It gives the players the freedom to make the decisions they feel necessary to facilitate success in their college careers. To a root, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But it does amount to some players finding more success elsewhere, and some cutting their opportunities short to learn in a program that is the right fit and could give them an NFL future. Texas often brings in underrated three and four-star recruits that don’t give the pipeline of development a fair chance throughout their entire college career.

Some part of that feeling that various Texas players that transfer out might have is valid since the last decade was not the best for this program. Texas is developing NFL-caliber players at an all-time low level over the course of the last decade. They did see a handful of players out of Austin that did find more success elsewhere and it’s hard to always argue with those results.

The transfer portal can be a harsh reality for college football coaches, especially at Power Five programs, but the players are taking risks to when entering. Texas is a good example of a big program where that risk is taken with varying results held up in a bright spotlight.

Here’s a look into the three former Longhorn transfers that found the most success in the last decade after departing from the Forty Acres.

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