Texas Football: National writer believes Longhorns to SEC will happen

All of the buzz around the college sports landscape it seems right revolves around the potential move of Texas football and the Oklahoma Sooners from the Big 12 to the SEC. And the more reports that come out in the last 24 hours, the more it feels like this move is bound to happen. Texas and Oklahoma would obviously give the college sports landscape (namely football) a seismic shift if the schools were to leave the Big 12 for the SEC anytime in the near future.

Texas and Oklahoma have already passed on renewing the Big 12 media contracts this year. And the reports that the two schools reached out to the SEC with interest in joining the mix are well known at this point.

A number of sources around the college media landscape at this point seem to be increasingly in favor of believing this move could happen. Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports believes that there is serious “momentum” in this push for Oklahoma and Texas to join the SEC.

Rivals national columnist Mike Farrell mentioned this week too that he very much believes this move for Oklahoma and Texas from the Big 12 to the SEC could happen soon. Farrell mentioned that in an episode of the “Full Ride Podcast” this week.

Multiple writers believing momentum is increasing for Texas football to the SEC

As more and more news drops concerning this potential move for Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC, the prospects becomes more and more interesting. What Texas and Oklahoma would have to do to make this move happen also gets clearer by day.

Still one of the most notable reports that emerged thus far concerning this situation with conference realignment came from Orangebloods on July 21. This report from Orangebloods noted that Texas intends to let the Big 12 it wants to leave as soon as next week.

This storyline keeps developing hour-by-hour as we draw closer to the start of the 2021 college football season. And we’ll likely know the result of this movement in conference realignment as soon as next month. But that is obviously not a hard deadline, just how this type of discussion tends to move along.

Texas and Oklahoma would be the first schools from the Big 12 to either be added or leave since 2012. The last schools the Big 12 added were the West Virginia Mountaineers and TCU Horned Frogs. And the most recent departures were the Colorado Buffaloes (PAC-12), Nebraska Cornhuskers (Big Ten), Texas A&M Aggies (SEC), and Mizzou Tigers (SEC).