Texas football WR Agiye Hall out to prove his speed

If one thing is true about the players that second-year head coach Steve Sarkisian and the Texas football program have on each side of the ball this year, it’s that there will be a lot of speed in the mix. Texas has a ton of very gifted athletes that are some of the fastest of all the players in the Big 12.

And that is something that Sark recognized in speaking about the speed he has on this Longhorns team in 2022. Sark mentioned this week that some of the fastest players on the team this year are sophomore wide receiver Xavier Worthy, junior running back Keilan Robinson, and junior defensive back Kitan Crawford.

He also noted that the incoming freshman and former four-star Spearman wide receiver recruit Brenen Thompson is likely going to be one of the fastest players on the team once he arrives on campus later this offseason.

There is one omission from Sark, though, that a particular Longhorns player took issue with. Recent portal addition and former Alabama Crimson Tide freshman wide receiver Agiye Hall clearly wasn’t included in the list of players that Sark gave this week among the fastest on the team.

Texas football HC Steve Sarkisian neglects to mention Agiye Hall among the fastest players on the team

Hall responded on Twitter on May 11 to the fact that he wasn’t mentioned among the fastest Longhorns players by Sark this week. He essentially responded by saying that he’s going to “sneak up” in that group of the fastest players on the team before too long.

Since Hall believes he is one of the fastest players on the team this year, it’s worth asking the question, is he actually one of the speediest Longhorns in the mix in 2022?

If you look back at some of the reported track and 40 times for Hall dating back to his high school football and track days, there can be some type of insight provided as to the type of flat-out speed he brings to the table for the Longhorns.

The last 40 time that Hall clocked in during his high school football and track days was 4.50 seconds. He also clocked in just under 11.2 seconds for his 100-meter dash during his high school track career.

Hall’s 40-time and 100-meter dash don’t quite measure up with a lot of the Longhorns players Sark mentioned. For instance, Crawford clocked in an impressive 10.6-second 100-meter dash time during his high school track days.

Crawford also put up a 40 time of around 4.40 seconds back in 2019. Both those times are faster than Hall’s from high school a few years back.

It’s also been reported in the past that Keilan ran an insanely fast 40 time of 4.34 seconds at a Penn State camp when he was being recruited out of high school.

Moreover, the trend continues that all the players Sark mentioned as being the fastest on the team actually had faster-timed speeds in high school at least than Hall.

Now, maybe this has changed if Hall got faster in the last couple of years. That is certainly possible. And if that is the case, we are likely to find that out by the fall.

Hall transferred to Texas after spending one year at Alabama. In his one season playing for the Crimson Tide, Hall registered four catches for 72 receiving yards (18 yards per catch) and no receiving touchdowns.