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Malik Muhammad, CB

The biggest looming decision in the near future for any key target of the Longhorns 2023 class is set for July 20 with the elite five-star South Oak Cliff cornerback Malik Muhammad. Texas will be looking to close the deal with Muhammad when he announces his decision next week. And Texas could be the pacesetter in this recruitment just a few days ahead of Muhammad’s decision.

It’s clear that there are multiple Texas commits that are trying to push for Muhammad to join them on the Forty Acres. Cook was definitely the Texas commit pushing the most for Muhammad over the weekend, though.

Cook was seen talking and hanging out with Muhammad and Hale during the Future 50 this weekend. At one point this weekend, Cook tweeted out “3 Longhorns” in reference to the picture of him talking with Hale and Muhammad.

In a quick rebuttal, Muhammad replied to that tweet with “1 Longhorn” and the Alabama emoji. Muhammad also tweeted at Hale in that response to Cook on Twitter on July 16.

Yet, Cook continues to stay active in this recruitment, especially on social media. Going back to July 12, Cook quote tweeted Muhammad’s announcement of his July 20 decision day with two eye emojis.

All in all, Muhammad will probably be the most anticipated decision for the rest of the month of July for the Longhorns faithful. That’s why you’re seeing Texas commits as high profile as Cook engaging with him on social media on a regular basis.

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It was interesting to see the engagement between Cook, Hale, and Muhammad in person and on social media over the weekend. Since Hale and Muhammad both have Alabama and Texas remaining among their three finalist schools, the Crimson Tide could also still be pushing for this key pair of blue-chip recruits.