3 Texas football that benefit most from Quinn Ewers starting this fall

Xavier Worthy, Texas Football. Mandatory Credit: Aaron E. Martinez-USA TODAY NETWORK
Xavier Worthy, Texas Football. Mandatory Credit: Aaron E. Martinez-USA TODAY NETWORK /
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Keilan Robinson, RB

If there is one running back for the Longhorns that needs space to operate to really maximize his skill set, it is definitely the former Alabama Crimson Tide transfer and redshirt junior Keilan Robinson. Keilan has one of the most insane explosions within the first few strides of anyone you’ll see at any of the skill positions when he first gets the ball in his hands.

But for Keilan to truly see his explosiveness and acceleration flourish in this offense, he needs a quarterback to get him the ball that is really able to spread the field effectively. Ewers has the arm that makes opposing defenses weary of how he can spread the field, thus opening up certain windows for Keilan to really hit the hole and do a lot of damage.

Moreover, I like the idea of Sark being able to get Keilan in space more often this fall on wheel routes, screens, and sweeps. The idea of what Ewers would be able to do if he can effectively get through his reads and get some nice balls out to Keilan on some wheel routes could be a really potent added dimension to this offense.

Keilan also has some potential to hit the hole in delayed handoffs. And the draw game will most effectively open up when the passing game is helping bring some level of balance to the Texas offense.

It often sneaks under the radar that Keilan was so efficient on the ground running between the a and the b gaps in the trenches. In fact, Keilan averaged more than six yards per carry last season running up the middle, which mostly came on delayed handoffs.