4 takeaways from Texas football’s comfortable win over WVU

Xavier Worthy, Texas football Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports
Xavier Worthy, Texas football Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports /
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Moro Ojomo makes a major difference in the trenches

Another impactful absence on Texas last weekend was senior defensive lineman Moro Ojomo. Texas missed Ojomo against Texas Tech after he suffered a lower-body injury last week.

Thankfully, Ojomo was able to return for Texas in this win over West Virginia. The way that Ojomo changed the game for this defense in the trenches is something that probably won’t get the attention it deserves.

Ojomo covers his lanes and takes up bodies in the trenches like no other defensive linemen can do when taking his place in the rotation. We saw the evidence of that when Ojomo was absent against Texas Tech. But he was a different player in this game even compared to what we saw in the first couple of games of the season when he was active.

Ojomo came up with his first sack of the season, which was also the first time that Texas got home in this game. And while Ojomo didn’t do much else, only coming up with one other tackle, he was able to have a positive impact on the rest of the game.

He excels in taking up space in the trenches and holding his gap assignment to funnel the ball carrier for both senior linebacker DeMarvion Overshown and junior Jaylan Ford to clean up the play.

Ford was able to have a big night partly due to how well Texas played in the trenches. Guys like sophomore nose tackle Byron Murphy and Ojomo holding their lane assignments made life much easier for the likes of Overshown and Ford at linebacker.