4 reasons why Texas football can dominate OU in Red River

Quinn Ewers, Texas football
Quinn Ewers, Texas football /
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Davis Beville
Davis Beville /

OU’s QB situation is tenuous at best

We’ve mentioned it in passing in this article, but I really believe that this game will be a difficult one to lose for the Longhorns if Oklahoma is starting Beville this weekend in Red River.

The combination of the offense that Oklahoma plays in and the unproven group of quarterbacks that sit behind Gabriel on the depth chart could make for a tough day for the Sooners in Dallas this weekend.

This offensive system under new OC Jeff Lebby places a tremendous reliance on the quarterback to be able to take a lot of hits and make a lot of smart decisions pre-snap. Lebby likes to run an RPO system that goes really fast and often emphasizes the QB run as a threat to add another dimension to the offense.

Gabriel has proved in the past that he is capable of handling the pressure of playing in this offense and thriving thanks to his efficiency in the passing game and his dual-threat ability to do damage to opposing defenses on the ground. But I don’t think that any of the other quarterbacks on this roster are capable of coming even close to leading this offense as effectively as Gabriel.

Beville didn’t do anything to inspire confidence last weekend. And there is a huge amount of uncertainty if Texas goes with an unproven and green quarterback this weekend such as true freshman Nick Evers or JUCO transfer General Booty.

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It’s important to note that Texas’ defense looked good in a strong response last weekend to limit quarterback JT Daniels and that West Virginia offense. Texas barely allowed more than 250 passing yards on nearly 50 passing attempts from the Mountaineers. They also allowed just 60 rushing yards en route to a solid effort last weekend.

Depending on who is missing due to injury for Oklahoma this coming weekend, Texas’ defense could be facing an even more questionable group in Red River than they did against West Virginia.