3 key injured Oklahoma State players ahead of Texas football matchup

Spencer Sanders Mandatory Credit: Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports
Spencer Sanders Mandatory Credit: Raymond Carlin III-USA TODAY Sports /
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Spencer Sanders, QB

The most notable injury news that came about last week prior to the Oklahoma State-TCU game had to do with an apparent shoulder and lower-body injury to senior Pokes quarterback Spencer Sanders. Last week, Sanders didn’t practice for Oklahoma State thanks to the shoulder injury. But he still played against TCU.

Sanders has played in every game this season for Oklahoma State, and there is nothing that contradicts his status of being active this weekend against Texas at this moment.

From a viewer’s perspective, it did look like the injury issues were causing a little bit of discomfort to Sanders at the very least. Oklahoma State got more conservative with the play-calling in the second half. And there was an interception tossed by Sanders in the second half that was woefully underthrown on a target to senior wide receiver Braydon Johnson deep.

Yet, that is just speculation regarding the conservative play calling and the inaccurate throws from Sanders in the second half in terms of its connection to any lagging injury issues.

On the other hand, Oklahoma State was still giving Sanders plenty of designed QB run plays throughout the game against TCU last weekend. That could be indicative that the injury wasn’t holding him back in the game all that much.

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The injury updates for Sanders will be one of the storylines we will be following the closest this week leading up to the Texas-Oklahoma State game in Stillwater this weekend. Sanders is a very important part of the run game for Oklahoma State, and I would say he is the most critical player on this entire team.