Texas football vs. Oklahoma State: 4 bold predictions for major road test

Quinn Ewers, Texas football (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Quinn Ewers, Texas football (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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Quinn Ewers, Texas football
Quinn Ewers, Texas football Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports /

Quinn Ewers gets sacked a season-high two times

A lot of the weaknesses that Oklahoma State has along the interior defensive line are made up for by the insane depth present at defensive end/edge rusher. Oklahoma State might have the best group of defensive ends and edge rushers in the Big 12.

In fact, Oklahoma State is the only team in the Big 12 this season with more than two players that have at least three sacks each. And Oklahoma State has four of those, all of which play on the edge or as a three-technique at defensive end.

The good news for Texas in this game is the fact that true freshman offensive tackle Kelvin Banks is essentially eliminating any threat that comes from opposing standout edge pass rushers this season. Banks has allowed only one sack this season, and still a single-digit number of total quarterback pressures.

Meanwhile, the starting offensive tackle opposite of Banks, senior Christian Jones, is also having a career season.

The solid performances in pass protection from these two starting offensive tackles is a big reason why redshirt freshman quarterback Quinn Ewers was able to stay upright so often early this season. In fact, the most times he’s been sacked in a single game is once.

Oklahoma State will put that number to the test this weekend thanks to the plethora of standout pass rushers on that roster. And I would imagine that Gundy and DC Derek Mason will have a pretty insane gameplan filled with some interesting stunts and blitz packages to try and get home on Ewers.

All in all, it is pretty wild to say that through a few games, the Texas starting quarterback wasn’t sacked more than once in a single game.