Texas Football: 3 backup QBs the Longhorns could get out of the portal

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JT Daniels Mandatory Credit: Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports
JT Daniels Mandatory Credit: Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports /

JT Daniels

Another quarterback with considerable Power Five experience is the former USC Trojans, Georgia Bulldogs, and West Virginia Mountaineers senior JT Daniels. The former five-star recruit and true journeyman just entered the portal for the third time in his collegiate career.

Daniels will now be looking for his fourth school out of the portal after he lost the starting quarterback job at West Virginia down the stretch during the regular season.

It’s really hard to see where the next stop is for Daniels if he wants to stay at the Power Five level. It probably makes the most sense for him to try out a Group of Five school that needs proven quarterback experience and has a starting job ready for him.

But if Daniels wants to stick around at the Power Five level for another year, then Texas could present a good fit for him.

Mind you that I’ve mentioned in this list multiple times that Texas would likely only be willing to take an experienced quarterback transfer if they have actual Power Five experience and could help this team on the field next fall if need be.

Thus, if an experienced quarterback with a big arm such as Daniels is willing to take a backseat to try and develop his game for the NFL for one season, then Texas could make sense as his next stop out of the portal.

Daniels has likely exhausted his opportunities to win the starting job at a Power Five program given the number of schools he’s already landed at in the last few years.

Moreover, in terms of the fit between Daniels and the Longhorns, this does make a lot of sense. Daniels has the arm that allows him to make the necessary throws in this Sark offense that likes to stretch the field and layer concepts after setting the tone on the ground.

Sark doesn’t really need the dual-threat aspect from a quarterback in this offense, which Daniels doesn’t possess in his game.

Theoretically, the fit between Sark and Daniels could be good to help the journeyman quarterback hone his skills before he likely tries to take his talents to the NFL in 2024.