Texas Football: Bijan Robinson worked out often with Micah Parsons

Bijan Robinson, Texas football. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Bijan Robinson, Texas football. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

In a few hours, we’re likely going to hear junior All-American running back Bijan Robinson’s name called in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft to snap the drought for the Texas football program. Bijan has the opportunity to be the first Texas Ex selected in the first round of the NFL Draft since the New England Patriots selected defensive tackle Malcom Brown 32nd overall in 2015.

The biggest question concerning Bijan’s draft status is where he is going to go in the first round. There is a raging debate in the last couple of months taking place as to whether a team should be willing to take a flier out on Bijan despite how much less running backs are valued in the draft than they were just a couple of decades ago.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons are two of the teams picking in the top 15 that are being talked about as those that could potentially select Bijan early on Day 1 of the draft.

However, if Bijan does make it out of the top 15 in the draft without hearing his name called, one of the teams that are favored as a potential destination for him is the Dallas Cowboys (26th overall). I doubt that if Bijan does make it to the 26th pick in the first round of the draft without hearing his name called that Dallas would let him get away.

It would be interesting to see Bijan land with the Cowboys. He would get to play at the next level with a team that is very close geographically and in terms of the makeup of the fan base to what he experienced on the Forty Acres with the Longhorns in the last three years.

Texas football RB Bijan Robinson says that he’s working out with Cowboys LB Micah Parsons

And it looks like there is familiarity between Bijan and one of the biggest stars on the Cowboys. Bijan said that he has worked out with Cowboys star linebacker Micah Parsons recently.

Bijan mentioned this point that he worked out with Parsons on the Pat McAfee Show on April 26.

"“Yeah so back in Austin I’ve been working out with Micah Parsons a lot and he’s been giving me a lot of advice in what I need to do, what I need to prepare for, whatever team I go to.”"

It sounds like Bijan values the veteran advice that Parsons can instill upon him ahead of the 2023 draft.

"“Just find a veteran, find somebody to kind of link with because that’s the most important thing. And for him, that’s what he did, he saw what he needed to do in order to become successful. So him just giving me those type of tips.”"

It goes without saying that working out with Parsons probably benefitted Robinson. Parsons is one of the most physically impressive players in the NFL and we’ve heard a lot about the crazy workouts he goes through in the last year or two.

Bijan already seems to be making some smart moves with his workout routine and in terms of who he’s getting advice from ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft. Working out with a two-time Pro Bowl selection and two-time All-Pro that also happens to be an athletic freak such as Parsons is something that will do nothing but help Bijan in his routine off the field.

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The 2023 NFL Draft is set to begin with the first round taking place on April 27, at 7 p.m. CT. Bijan is likely to be the first of nearly a half-dozen former Longhorns that will hear their names called during the 2023 draft in the next few days.