Texas Football: 4 overreactions from Longhorns sizable win over Kansas

Jonathon Brooks, Texas football
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Ethan Burke, Texas football /

Kansas figured out how to contain Texas’ pass rush

For the first time this season, the Longhorns didn’t get any sacks in a game over the weekend. Texas got plenty of pressure on the opposing quarterback in Week 5; they just couldn’t get home. That was largely due to Kansas’ ability to keep the Texas defensive front on their toes with the success running the option in the first half.

Texas got 15 pressures on Bean and the Jayhawks last weekend (tied for second-most in the Big 12 in Week 5). So, the pass rush was close, but it couldn’t quite get home multiple times against Kansas.

Sixth-year Kansas quarterback Jason Bean is also one of the quicker dual-threats the Longhorns could face. And that’s not to mention the fact that Texas wasn’t prepared to face Bean, as senior starting quarterback Jalon Daniels was a last-minute scratch from the lineup due to a back injury.

That’s not to say that facing Bean was more difficult than Daniels. Quite the opposite.

But it did make adjusting in-game to the Kansas offense a lengthier process with the Jayhawks’ success running the ball in the first half with Bean at quarterback.

Kansas has done a nice job keeping its quarterback upright this season. The Jayhawks rank in the top five in the Big 12 this season in sacks allowed (five) and sack percentage (3.6).

Their offensive line looked overmatched on a lot of snaps in the second half, but they were able to avoid any sacks on Bean last weekend.

The Oklahoma Sooners have also done a nice job protecting the quarterback this season, albeit not against any defensive fronts as good or deep as Texas’. Oklahoma has an allowed sack percentage under two percent this season and a pressure rate of 17.9 percent, both good for second in the Big 12.

Texas will have another tall task this weekend to get ample pressure on the opposing quarterback.