10 biggest NFL draft busts in Texas football history

There have been 46 Texas Longhorns taken in the first round of the NFL draft, with more to come, but these are the 10 players who were the most disappointing in the league.
Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young (10)
Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young (10) / Robert Smith / The Leaf-Chronicle
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Stan Thomas. Stan Thomas, OT. Stan Thomas, OT. . No. 22 overall. . 1991. 57. 6. player

When a team is drafting in the 20s, they may not be expected to grab a superstar, but the Bears were just hoping for a reliable offensive line piece. With Thomas, they didn’t even get that. 

Thomas played 56 games over four seasons, but with only seven starts, all as a rookie. Chicago traded him after two and following his age 26 season in 1994, Thomas went unsigned and was out of professional football.