3 NFL teams that love drafting Texas football players

Which NFL teams have focused the most on drafting Texas players?
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Aaron Ross
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New York Giants (26)

The New York Giants are one of just two teams in the NFL that have drafted over two dozen Longhorns players in their franchise history. The Giants constructed many contending teams partially among former Longhorns selected in the middle of the 20th century.

Between 1939 and 1952, the Giants drafted a whopping 19 players from Texas. Six of those 19 players were selected in the 1952 NFL Draft alone. No franchise picked more Longhorns before the 1960s than the Giants.

Many of the Longhorns players the Giants picked in those 13 years between the late 1930s and early 1950s were either dealt early in their pro careers or never played a game in a Giants uniform.

But the Giants did get three Pro Bowlers and two champions among former Longhorns they drafted. Hall of Famer Tom Landry was the first Longhorn to be a Pro Bowler and All-Pro selection in the same season for the Giants in 1945.

The Giants only first round pick from Texas, defensive back Aaron Ross, was a multi-year starter in New York. He was an integral part of the Giants secondary that helped defeat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in stunning fashion to win the Super Bowl in 2007-08.

Ross also started double-digit games for the Giants team that won the Super Bowl over the Patriots for a second time in 2011-12.