5 former Oklahoma Sooners that Texas Longhorn fans love to hate

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As Texas heads to the SEC, the Longhorns are unfortunately still stuck with the Oklahoma Sooners…

As the two long-lived opponents start their journey to a new conference, the Red River Rivalry will continue for the foreseeable future.

There’s no denying it, the Horns and the Sooners despise each other. On the field, players put their literal blood, sweat, and tears into winning the game.

Not to mention, the seats at the 50-yard line at the Cotton Bowl are the scene of a warzone.

Texas fans are raised to despise the Sooners from the day they are born (rumor has it the babies of Longhorn fans come out holding up a Hook’em Horns), and vice versa.

So, which former Oklahoma football players do Horns love to hate the absolute most?

Roy Williams. 1999-2001. player. S. . . Safety. Roy Williams. Roy Williams. 464

In 2001, Roy Williams took down Texas quarterback Chris Simms with a blindside hit that knocked the ball loose during the Horns’ attempt at a game-winning drive. 

In other words, Williams was the sole season that Oklahoma walked away with the golden cowboy hat that year.

Chris Simms #1, Roy Williams #38
Chris Simms #1 / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Williams also helped the Sooners to an undefeated season in 2000, including a BCS National Championship, while setting the program record for tackles for loss at 12.

The former Sooner was a menace for Texas to try to deal with and caused a lot of chaos during the (then) Red River Shootouts.