5 former Oklahoma Sooners that Texas Longhorn fans love to hate

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Speaking of the one and only Adrian Peterson… In the midst of breaking multiple NCAA records in just his freshman year, Peterson ran for 225 yards against the Longhorns.

Peterson was also runner-up for the Heisman Trophy in 2004 behind USC’s quarterback Matt Leinhart.

Adrian Peterson
Texas Longhorns v Oklahoma Sooners / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Much of Oklahoma’s success from 2004-06 was due to Peterson’s incredible running abilities. Over the three years, he earned 4,239 total yards and 42 touchdowns for the Sooners.

Peterson always looked untackleable (new word?) when he played the Longhorns and it made Texas fans hate him with their entire beings.

However, the Horns can still boast that they defeated Peterson and the Sooners two out of the three years he was with Oklahoma.