All-time NCAA Tournament lineup for the Texas Longhorns

NCAA staff writer Sam Fariss sets her starting lineup for the Texas Longhorns all-time NCAA Tournament team.

NCAA Men's Basketball - Texas vs. Wake Forest - December 18, 2004
NCAA Men's Basketball - Texas vs. Wake Forest - December 18, 2004 / Brian A. Westerholt/GettyImages
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851. . LaSalle Thompson. C. 1979-82. . LaSalle Thompson. player. LaSalle Thompson.

Playing in 87 games for the Horns, LaSalle “Tank” Thompson scored an average of 16.8 points and 11.8 rebounds per game – yes, he averaged a double-double.

Thompson played in Austin from 1979-1982. During his college career, Texas never made an NCAA Tournament appearance but I think that his height and frame make him the perfect big man for this lineup.

LaSalle Thompson free throw
LaSalle Thompson free throw / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

The center had 1,463 points and 1,027 assists throughout his tenure with the Horns and has more double-doubles than any other Texas player in history.

Standing at 6-foot-10, Thompson is one of the true centers that the Longhorns have ever had on their roster. Pairing his stature with Durant’s to make up for the smaller height of the Tucker, Mays, and Ford would make for a dynamic team.

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