Predicting Texas's next portal loss after Chris Johnson

Who will be the next Texas basketball player to enter the portal this spring after Chris Johnson and Gavin Perryman?
Tyrese Hunter, Texas basketball
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Dillon Mitchell, Texas basketball
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Dillon Mitchell, F

Texas is awaiting a decision from sophomore forward Dillon Mitchell regarding whether he will declare for the NBA Draft and/or enter the transfer portal or return to school for another season.

There has been some speculation about Mitchell's likelihood to enter the portal early this offseason. Since it's hard to see a realistic path for Mitchell to the NBA Draft in the next couple of years if he did return to Texas for a third season, the portal speculation makes sense.

Mitchell returned to Texas for a second season at Texas last year after declaring early for the NBA Draft. He returned to school to expand his offensive game and become a more consistent scoring threat from outside of the paint in his second year.

While Mitchell did make some small progressions regarding his ability to facilitate the offense from inside the arc and knock down shots away from the basket, he hasn't got his NBA Draft stock likely where he ideally thought it would be at this point of his collegiate career.

However, if Mitchell did enter the NBA Draft this summer, he would potentially be rolling the dice as a likely late second round pick. Or, he would have to prove himself on something like a two-way deal or earn a contract as a UDFA in the NBA summer league.

All told, there is still a chance that Mitchell returns to Texas for a third season in 2024-25. He is a well-liked player within the program and is a tremendous defender and rebounder. If he did return for another season, it would also give Terry and the Longhorns some valuable proven experience and stability in the frontcourt rotation.