Predicting Texas's next transfer after LB S'Maje Burrell

Texas football still has a couple of positional needs to address in the portal this spring, along with being three players above the scholarship limit of 85.
Savion Red, Texas football
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Juan Davis, Texas football
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Juan Davis, TE

Texas's two most experienced players in the tight end room for Jeff Banks this spring are seniors Juan Davis and Gunnar Helm. The senior leadership Davis and Helm bring to Texas's tight end room is valuable to help mentor and develop the promising young players in this position group this spring.

The tight ends at Texas have a bright future here, especially the skilled and athletic former four-star recruit from Houston, TX, Jordan Washington. Texas also has future contributors in the tight end room with all four years of eligibility remaining to develop, Spencer Shannon and Will Randle.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the potential starter and Texas's most prominent downfield threat in the tight end room this offseason, former Alabama junior transfer Amari Niblack.

Banks and the Longhorns currently sit at six scholarship players in the tight end room this spring. This is another potential position group to watch that could experience some attrition to the transfer portal during the spring window due to the tough competition on the depth chart in camp and the scholarship limitations on the roster.

Davis has been cited as a potential player to watch to enter the portal during the spring transfer window. We've already mentioned that Davis was close to entering the portal earlier this offseason, before deciding to stick it out through spring ball.