Texas Basketball: 2 studs, 1 dud from UT's convincing win vs. LSU

Tyrese Hunter, Texas basketball
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Ithiel Horton, Texas basketball
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Dud: Ithiel Horton, Wing

Super senior wing and former UCF transfer Ithiel Horton unfortunately was unable to snap out of his funk in this win over LSU. Limited to just 13 minutes off the bench in this game, Horton continued to stay ice-cold shooting from the field and beyond the arc.

Horton went 0-of-3 from the field and 0-of-1 from beyond the arc.

To make matters worse, Horton was a team-low -5 in his 13 minutes on the floor coming off the bench. The one positive is that he contributed two rebounds and one dime without turning the ball over.

Horton is going through a tough cold streak in the last few games. In the last three contests, Horton has shot just 2-of-20 from the field, 1-of-11 from beyond the arc, and 0-of-7 from the free-throw line. This is literally the worst three-game stretch regarding shooting efficiency from the field and true shooting percentage of his collegiate career.

The poor performances from Horton efficiency-wise are hurting this team in significant ways. Not only is Horton an experienced player who is counted on as a top off-ball scoring option on the wing, but he is also in a part of the rotation that is lacking depth.

Horton and senior forward Brock Cunningham are the only two experienced and proven options Terry and the Longhorns have on the wing. So, once Cunningham fouled out in the second half of this game, Terry was forced to shuffle the lineup with either three guards or two centers since Horton was struggling to hit his shots for the third straight outing.