Texas basketball projected 2024-25 starting lineup

Rodney Terry and staff have multiple options to configure the right starting five entering an important season for 2024-25 with lofty expectations for the postseason.
Kadin Shedrick, Texas basketball
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Tre Johnson
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Shooting guard: Tre Johnson

Texas's crown jewel of the 2024 high school signing class is the former five-star recruit from Link Academy in Missouri, true freshman shooting guard Tre Johnson. The 6-foot-6 star scoring guard from Dallas, TX, is all but guaranteed to get a spot in Texas's starting five entering next season.

Not only is Johnson one of the best scorers that Terry has in his rotation this upcoming season, but he is also one of the top true freshmen scorers in the nation in college hoops. Johnson can score the basketball effectively from all three levels of the offensive end of the floor.

You won't find many guards at the collegiate level who are better at making shots off-the-dribble (even when contested) or knocking down field goals from beyond the arc and the mid-range than Johnson. He's a natural bucket-getter from anywhere beyond 12-feet from the basket.

Johnson being such a capable scorer and playmaker from the mid-range and beyond the arc makes him a perfect fit for a secondary ball-handler role in the backcourt alongside an experienced facilitator like Larry.

While Johnson isn't yet the most physical defender one-on-one at the two-guard or on the wing, he has the length and rebounding ability to still make a positive impact on that end of the floor. Texas struggled on the glass last season and didn't have the requisite length to hold up effectively and consistently on the perimeter.