Texas basketball projected 2024-25 starting lineup

Rodney Terry and staff have multiple options to configure the right starting five entering an important season for 2024-25 with lofty expectations for the postseason.
Kadin Shedrick, Texas basketball
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Tramon Mark
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Wing: Tramon Mark

Johnson and former Arkansas Razorbacks redshirt junior guard transfer Tramon Mark are pretty interchangeable at the two and the three in this projection for Texas's 2024-25 starting five. Both guards/wings are around 6-foot-6 and 190 pounds, with the ability to pull the ball in the basket from all three levels of the floor in the settled offensive halfcourt.

Mark, Johnson, and Pope are all natural bucket-getting guards who can easily average over a dozen points per game without sacrificing efficient shots or passing opportunities to their teammates. It sounds like they have proven their ability as natural scorers and efficient shot-makers early in summer workouts (per Horns247).

Think of these three guards (Mark, Johnson, and Pope) as the volume scorers who don't sacrifice shooting efficiency or bad turnovers on the offensive end.

We know what we're getting with Mark, having started for multiple high-level teams in power conferences with a lot of talent surrounding him at Arkansas and Houston. Any guard who has the trust and green-light on offense from head coach Kelvin Sampson at Houston has my trust to spearhead Texas's scoring in the SEC.

With Johnson and Mark rounding out Texas's backcourt/wing spots in the starting five, Terry has one of the most lethal off-ball scoring duos and secondary playmaker roles in the SEC for 2024-25.