Texas can flip these 2025 defensive line recruits this fall

After a rough stretch on the trail with DL recruiting for 2025, Texas looks to reset the big board at the position entering late summer and the fall with no commitments there currently.
Myron Charles
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Jackson Blackwell (Baylor commit)

A fast-riser for his recruitment since the spring evaluation period, three-star Baylor Bears commit and Lorena (TX) defensive lineman Jackson Blackwell caught the attention of many P4 schools over the past few months. Blackwell only held a handful of FBS offers before winning the defensive MVP award at Under Armour Dallas back in the spring.

The 6-foot-3 and 310-pound defensive tackle from a small town just south of Waco, TX, and the campus of Baylor University seems like the type of lineman the Longhorns would pursue as a possible flip target at a position of need on the trail. Blackwell also has the type of size and power Texas would be looking for from a "big human" who could play in the trenches in the SEC.

Texas has found success in the past, either targeting early evaluations Baylor had an interest in or flipping underrated recruits from the Bears late in recruiting cycles in the past decade. Byron Murphy is a recent example of a defensive line flip from Baylor that wound up paying huge dividends for the Longhorns' program in the last few years.

Murphy, a former low-four-star recruit from South Dallas and DeSoto High School, went onto became a First-Team All-Big 12 defensive tackle and a first-round NFL Draft pick to the Seattle Seahawks in 2024.

Given his close proximity to the city of Austin and UT, I think Blackwell could be a name to watch come this fall for senior evaluations that Texas could offer if he has a big campaign for Lorena.