Texas Football: Top 5 remaining must-have recruits for 2025

SEC and national recruitments have challenged Texas on the trail for the class of 2025 in late June and early July.
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Early July on the recruiting trail brings a bevy of decisions to watch for Texas football and head coach Steve Sarkisian in the 2025 class. Texas is involved in many recruitments that the prospects are scheduled to announce in the next few weeks.

The top-priority recruitments Texas football must win this summer for the 2025 cycle

Summer decisions are so commonplace in the modern day and age of college football recruiting with NIL involved. Many recruits like to have their recruitments wrapped up before their senior seasons kick off in the fall.

It will be critical for Sarkisian and staff to have most of the key pieces in place in the class for 2025 before fall so they don't have to take too much attention away from the field in 2024 in the SEC.

Most of Texas's highest-priority recruits for the class of 2025 already have decision timelines set before or on Aug. 30. Texas has already secured a few victories on the recruiting trail for 2025 and 2026 early this summer to offset some of the losses at key positions in the last week or so.

Given the patient strategy Sarkisian embodies on the recruiting trail, I think this cycle's action and headlines are far from being done for the Longhorns.

Here are the five "must-win" recruitments for the Longhorns in the 2025 class after summer official visits.

Nick Townsend, TE

Jeff Banks and the Longhorns are looking to take two tight ends in the 2025 class, and they already have a commitment from Calhoun (GA) four-star Emaree Winston. Texas's top tight end priority in the 2025 class this summer is the highly touted Spring (TX) Dekaney four-star Nick Townsend.

Townsend is expected to announce sometime next week. There have been a couple of potential decision dates brought up for Townsend, including July 8 and 10. So, it's best to expect a decision from Townsend realistically by mid-July at the latest.

Four-star California tight end Kaleb Edwards' decision timeline could be a key marker to follow for Texas as Townsend's recruitment officially winds down in July. Edwards, another tight end official visitor in the 2025 class for the Longhorns this summer, announces his decision on July 2.

Edwards is expected to declare for new head coach Kalen DeBoer and the Alabama Crimson Tide on Tuesday afternoon. If Edwards does follow through with that expectation and announce his commitment to the Tide early this week, I'd expect Texas to be the heavy favorite to get Townsend when he decides at some point in the next week or so.