With the Big 12 claiming Allstate, will other teams have new field goal nets?

San Jose State v Texas
San Jose State v Texas / Tim Warner/GettyImages

For years, teams across the country have raised their Allstate barrier netting as their kickers attempted extra points and field goals.

Recently, the Big 12 has been in discussion with Allstate about using the insurance company as the conference’s majority sponsor, leading to the possibility of the ‘Allstate 12.’

While other the SEC, Big Ten, and ACC may scramble to find their sponsors to rename the conferences, and boost income, what will happen to the Allstate field goal nets?

As the NCAA becomes more and more branded – from on-field advertisements to NIL deals with athletes — teams and schools have looked to find anywhere and everywhere to put a sponsor’s name.

In accordance with everything else being stamped with a company logo, it would most likely make the most sense for the other Power-4 conferences to find new sponsors for their field goal netting.

While Allstate might have the perfect logo for catching kick attempts; the ball landing in ‘good’ hands; there are other insurance companies that may jump at the opportunity to stamp their name across the NCAA.

Brandon Coutu
Allstate Sugar Bowl - Hawaii v Georgia / Bob Levey/GettyImages

From Geico to State Farm to Progressive, insurance companies have become known for their witty advertisements but beyond Allstate, the rest missed the opportunity to be the backdrop for field goals.

Another obvious possibility is for conferences to reach beyond insurance companies and possibly look for more regionally located sponsors. 

However, this becomes tricky with teams like Stanford joining the ACC and UCLA joining the Big Ten.

Lastly, Allstate could remain the sole sponsor for the field goal nets across the nation. With hands being such a consistent figure for college football, fans might miss the sentimental value the Allstate logo has represented for so many years.

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