Predicting Texas's next portal loss after Chris Johnson

Who will be the next Texas basketball player to enter the portal this spring after Chris Johnson and Gavin Perryman?
Tyrese Hunter, Texas basketball
Tyrese Hunter, Texas basketball / Sara Diggins/American-Statesman / USA
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Texas basketball and head coach Rodney Terry have lost three players to the NCAA Transfer Portal during the spring window early this offseason. Texas has also lost two players to the portal in as many days early this week.

Freshman guard Chris Johnson became the third Longhorns player to either enter or intend to enter the transfer portal this offseason. It was reported on the afternoon of April 2 that Johnson intends to enter the portal.

Texas basketball has multiple players facing potential portal decisions early this offseason

The other two Longhorns players who have entered the portal this offseason are redshirt sophomore guard Gavin Perryman and sophomore forward Alex Anamekwe.

Terry was already in a spot to need to be active in the portal this offseason. After losing three scholarship players to the portal, along with four upperclassmen exhausting eligibility this offseason, rebuilding the roster via the transfer market will be critical for Terry and staff this spring.

Seniors Max Abmas, Ithiel Horton, and Dylan Disu were three consistent starters for the Longhorns during the 2023-24 season that have exhausted eligibility. Senior forward Brock Cunningham was also a key contributor in the rotation for the last few years at Texas who is out of eligibility.

Among the key returning players for the Longhorns for the 2024-25 season are sophomore guard Chendall Weaver, senior center Kadin Shedrick, and junior power forward Ze'Rik Onyema.

There are still a handful of Longhorns players that have outstanding decisions whether they will return to Texas for another season. Here's a look at the two Longhorns players who still have portal or NBA Draft decisions to make this offseason, unless they return to Texas for another campaign in 2024-25.