Texas Football: 3 portal targets expected to visit UT this weekend

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Matthew Golden
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Matthew Golden, WR

Another high-profile portal recruitment for the Longhorns is the former Houston Cougars sophomore wide receiver Matthew Golden. The dangerous skill position and special teams weapon in the return game officially entered the transfer portal on Dec. 12. Texas held the majority of the buzz to land Golden in the portal once he officially entered a couple of days ago.

There were multiple reports earlier today stating that Golden was expected to visit Texas on Dec. 14.

Golden apparently had to postpone the visit to Texas, which was originally reported to be taking place on Dec. 14, due to scheduling issues. It now sounds like Golden is expected to visit Texas this coming weekend.

If Golden does make it to campus this weekend for a visit to Texas, that would line up to be a massive list of visitors for Sark and staff. This weekend is the last before signing day next week. There's a solid list of high school visitors from the 2024 class. And the portal visitor list is starting to pile up in a positive sense for this weekend.

Golden is another portal priority that just makes too much sense for the Longhorns. He's a speedy and elusive wideout who is extremely dangerous when he gets the ball in space. Sark can line him up in multiple different spots pre-snap. And he could play out of the slot or field receiver spot next season, assuming he commits to Texas in the portal heading into the offseason.