Texas NFL mock draft: Stock down after the Senior Bowl

FanSided staff writer Sam Fariss predicts where Longhorns will land in the 2024 NFL Draft following the Senior Bowl.
Jan 31, 2024; Mobile, AL, USA; American defensive lineman T'Vondre Sweat of Texas (93).
Jan 31, 2024; Mobile, AL, USA; American defensive lineman T'Vondre Sweat of Texas (93). / Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Leading up to the NFL Draft, the offseason is filled with opportunities for players to show off their skills. The Reese's Senior Bowl comes first, followed shortly after by the NFL Combine.

Many of the Texas stars didn’t participate in the Senior Bowl at all: Xavier Worthy, Jordan Whittington, and Byron Murphy, just to name a few. Meanwhile, T’Vondre Sweat showed his speed and athleticism in the week leading up to the game but didn’t see the field on game day. 

As we creep closer to the 2024 NFL Draft, let’s take a look at where the 13 Longhorns who have declared will possibly land.

. . byron murphy. . Byron Murphy - DT. Byron Murphy - DT. 11. player. Round 1, Pick 11. 60

The Minnesota Vikings are going to look to add some much-needed speed to their defensive line. Defensive tackle Byron Murphy is the perfect fit with his powerful style of play and quick thinking. His high-octane engine gives him a big boost in NFL Draft stock.

23. . . sweat. Round 1, Pick 23. player. . T'Vondre Sweat - DL. T'Vondre Sweat - DL. 10

Another team in need of beefing up their defensive line, the 362-pound lineman out of Texas will make a great fit in Houston. T'Vondre Sweat is shockingly fast for his size and can plow through offensive lines in the blink of an eye. He showed up and showed out at the Senior Bowl and should be a star player for the Texa

Round 2, Pick 41. Xavier Worthy - WR. player. xavier. Xavier Worthy - WR. 41. . . 467.

Xavier worthy has all of the star power that the NFL asks for from receivers. He's flashy, he's as fast as lightning, and he's quick as can be. However, he has a small problem dropping the ball, whether that's due to taking off to fast from the catch or taking his eye off of it too early, I can't say. If he can improve his consistency, Worthy may be one of the next great receivers in the league.

Ja'tavion. . . 58. 467. . Round 2, Pick 58. Ja'Tavion Sanders - TE. Ja'Tavion Sanders - TE. player

Ja'Tavion Sanders is one of the better tight ends entering the league the year. However, a lot of teams already have really good tight ends. While Sanders may ride the bench for a little in the NFL, I expect him to go midway through the second round.

. . player. 467. adonai. . Adonai Mitchell - WR. 71. Round 3, Pick 71. Adonai Mitchell - WR

I would argue that Adonai Mitchell was the most consistent receiver for Texas in 2023. While Worthy had some issues hanging onto the ball, Mitchell was consistently snagging passes left and right. At 6-foot-4 and nearly 200 pounds, he's built for the league and should do well in the NFL.

. 82. . . Jaylan Ford - LB. Jaylan Ford - LB. Jaylan Ford. Round 3, Pick 82. player. 467

After four years with Texas, Jaylan Ford is going to be a beast in the NFL. Over his time with the Horns, Ford accounted for 287 tackles, 3 sacks, and 6 interceptions. No matter how offenses attack Ford, he comes up with an answer and will excel in the league.

467. . . Christian Jones - OL. 99. . Round 4, Pick 99. Christian Jones - OL. Christian Jones. player

At 6-foot-6 and 321 pounds, Christian Jones is a monster of an offensive lineman. The Texas O-Line was named as a semifinalist for the Joe Moore Award in 2023 and I would argue that was in large part due to Jones' consistency when it came to protecting quarterback Quinn Ewers.

J Brooks. . . player. 467. . Jonathon Brooks - RB. Jonathon Brooks - RB. Round 4, Pick 113. 113

While running backs are vital to an NFL team's success in the league, their careers are sadly never as long as other positions. Jonathon Brooks is coming off of an ACL tear and while he was a truly gifted player for the Horns, I think his injury and longevity in the league are in question.

Round 5, Pick 148. 148. Jordan Whittington - WR. . player. 467. j whittington. . Jordan Whittington - WR.

Jordan Whittington was good for the Horns but he wasn't great. He has the build for the NFL but I think his speed is slightly lacking. With how many talented receivers are entering the draft this season, I think that he gets bumped back to a later round.

. Ryan Watts - DB. 219. . Round 7, Pick 219. player. Ryan Wattsq. . Ryan Watts - DB. 467

Previously at Ohio State, Ryan Watts excelled within the Longhorns program. Over his two years in Austin, he had 91 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 interception. While he isn't the strongest defensive back entering the draft, NFL teams are always looking for depth at the poistion and I think Watts will do well in the league.

Undrafted free agents:

  • Keilan Robinson - RB
  • Jett Bush - LB

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