Texas's all-time round-by-round NCAA Tournament record

Texas basketball has reached the NCAA Tournament many times in the last few decades without reaching that ultimate goal of winning a title.
Texas basketball
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After being selected as a seven-seed on Selection Sunday for the 2024 NCAA Tournament, Texas basketball will make its 38th appearance in the Big Dance in program history. Most of those NCAA Tournament appearances for Texas men's hoops came in the last few decades.

Texas has made an impressive 30 NCAA Tournament appearances since 1989. Only a handful of Division 1 men's college hoops programs have made it to the Big Dance more times than the Longhorns since the late 1980s.

If head coach Rodney Terry and the Longhorns make it out of the Round of 64in the 2024 NCAA Tournament, it would be the fourth consecutive year that the program won at least one tourney game. Last year, Texas made a deep postseason run to the Elite Eight for the first time in over a decade.

What has eluded the Longhorns in the last couple of decades is making it all the way to the Final Four. Texas hasn't made it to the Final Four in the last two decades, despite making the tournament most seasons in the last 20 years.

The last time the Longhorns made it to the Final Four was in 2003.

Here's a look at how the Longhorns have fared in each round of the NCAA Tournament in program history.

Texas basketball all-time NCAA tournament record

Texas holds an all-time record of 39-40 in NCAA Tournament games over 37 tourney appearances entering this year. The Longhorns rank in the top five in the nation for the most NCAA Tournament wins without a National Championship.

Here's the round-by-round breakdown of Texas's record in the NCAA Tournament.

  • Round of 64/Opening Round: 19-9 (.679 winning percentage)
  • Round of 32: 10-12 (.455)
  • Sweet 16: 5-9 (.357)
  • Elite Eight: 3-4 (.429)
  • Final Four: 0-3 (.000)
  • National Championship: 0-0

The NCAA Tournament expanded in 1985, moving to the modern 64-team setup we have now. Before the expansion of the NCAA Tournament in the 1980s, there were third place games played for each region and nationally. Texas's record in third-place games was 2-3.

The three years the Longhorns made it to the Final Four were 1943, 1947, and 2003.

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