Texas Women's Basketball: Bracketology update after winning Big 12 Title

Texas Longhorns Women's Basketball won the Big 12 Title and has secured its spot in the NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament. The only thing left is finding out on Selection Sunday, where they will find out their seed and opponent.
Madison Booker, Texas women's basketball
Madison Booker, Texas women's basketball / William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Women's Basketball clinched the Big 12 title and will participate in the NCAA Women's March Madness Tournament. After their big win against Iowa State in the Championship game, some experts think the Longhorns have a slim chance of being a No. 1 seed.

Other experts have the Longhorns as the highest second seed in the tournament. Let's look at the projected bracket and see where the Longhorns will be seeded and if it's a good seed.

Texas Women's Basketball Bracketology: Where do the Longhorns fit into the bracket?

There are many places to see bracket projections for Selection Sunday. Sporting News has the Longhorns as the highest second seed in the tournament. They mentioned the Longhorns made a case for a number-one seed but believe the PAC 12 will have two number-one seeds. NCAA.com has the No. 2 Longhorns taking on No. 15 Holy Cross in the first round.

Her Hoops Stats have the Longhorns as a second seed facing off against Norfolk St. in the first round. It looks like most sites have the Longhorns as a No. 2 seed going into Selection Sunday tomorrow.

Texas Women's Basketball Bracketology: Why is being a second seed better than being a first seed?

The Longhorns will have a better tournament run as a second seed. There isn't much pressure on the second seed for the first couple of rounds compared to a number one seed. Teams that are number one seeds tend to have a target on their backs with all the media attention on them and could buckle under the pressure.

I would be shocked if the Longhorns did enough to earn a number-one seed. Freshman forward Madison Booker doesn't need all the pressure on her shoulders. Being a second seed would take some of that pressure off her shoulders in the early stages of her colligate career. I would be okay with the Longhorns having a number one seed if Junior guard Rori Harmon didn't tear her ACL.

Texas Women's Basketball Bracketology: Conclusion

This is going to be an exciting time for Longhorns fans. The women's team has balled out this season and deserves the reward of being in the March Madness Tournament.

However far they want to go in the tournament is up to them now. We will find out tomorrow what region and seed they will have tomorrow night. Come back to Hook'em Headlines tomorrow night to read my reaction to where they end up in the tournament.