Texas Longhorns Play Caller Jay Norvell Wants Offense to Build an Identity


New play caller Jay Norvell has simple, but clear goals for the Texas Longhorns offense.

Amidst the resignation — or firing, depending on how you look at it — of athletic director Steve Patterson, the Texas Longhorns football program carried on with business as usual. For the first time since being appointed as the team’s new play caller, Jay Norvell met with the media on Tuesday to discuss a number of topics that ranged from the team’s youth, to their overall goals.

Although he’s only been in the position for a week, Norvell said all the right things on Tuesday. Here’s a look at what some of those things were:

– Norvell said the offense is still looking for a clear identity. Their goal is to build one that is clear enough for people to identify when they watch the Longhorns play.

– They also want to reduce selfishness among the players, but are still a ways away from accomplishing that.

– Norvell said there were half as many plays in the game plan for Rice as there were against Notre Dame. After the offseason narrative revolved around the offense becoming more simple and accessible, it’s refreshing to hear Norvell shift the focus back to the players, which is exactly what he’s done by minimizing the game plan and decreasing the complexities of their offense.

– Norvell also said the Longhorns are still developing the culture of how to practice fast, which is something they need to accomplish before consistently utilize the up-tempo no-huddle offense.

– Norvell said he wants the Longhorns skill players to threaten people, especially their quarterback.

– Speaking of skill players, Norvell wants to improve both the running and blocking aspects of the run game. Hopefully this means a greater commitment to running back Johnathan Gray.

– Norvell touched on the Longhorns youth, saying that he can’t remember ever having three freshmen start on offense, much less having them be three of the best players. With left tackle Connor Williams, right guard Patrick Vahe, and wide receiver John Burt starting on offense, it looks like quarterback Jerrod Heard, and possibly wide receiver DeAndre McNeal, will also contribute to the Longhorns’ offence this season.

– Norvell is optimistic that senior wide receiver Marcus Johnson will be able to play this weekend. After sustaining an ankle injury against Notre Dame, Johnson sat out last weeks home opener against Rice.

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